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Re: [at-l] Vitamin "I" and other pain relievers

At 11:25 PM 12/19/96 -0500, MARK HOLMES wrote:

>What is the cost difference Peter between Aleve and Ibuprofen?  I bought
>Ibuprofen in large quantities and got it pretty cheap. Can you do that with

If you have a good insurance plan and a cool doctor, you can get them to
write you a prescription for it.  Back in my rugby days, I was spending half
my income on supporting my Ibuprofin habit and after whining incessently to
my doctor, she wrote me a prescription for it.  I only have to pay my co-pay
for it (used to be $1 a bottle, now is $3 -- still cheaper than the $8.99
they get you for the OTC stuff).    You (or your employer) certainly pays
enough for insurance, you might as well use it!

My mom, who has arthritis pretty bad, was recently told by her ortho to try
the Aleve.  She did & loved it & then just asked him to write a prescription
for it.  He did & she's saving a ton of cash too.

Just another anti-inflammatory junkie,
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