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[at-l] Pain relievers

OK Mark,

I admit to being the "member who objected" to advice on pain relief!!
I have lightened up since then a little :).  Truth is different pain
relievers and anti-inflammatories --(FYI tylenol is a pain reliever,
Ibuprophen, naprosyn, aspirin are anti-inflammatories - reduce the 
inflammation, reduce the pain!) -- work well for different people.  Some
swear by ibuprophen, some think aleve works better.  Usually the dosages
are based on weight of the patient.  So for Peter, maybe 4 aleve a day
are ok (don't know how big you are Peter... ;-) ), but I wouldn't just
start dosing up on even over-the-counter stuff without checking with a
trusted doctor, at least not for an extended period -- although I have
been known to take 4 advil about every 2 hours on a 4 day bike trip if
I'm in that much pain, but that's another story!  Another option I guess
would be to check a Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) - this huge book
of drugs that covers everything you ever wanted to know about any (legal)
drug - indications, dosage, side effects, etc.

And, Mark, you are right about the orthotics for those who need them.
That if your foot structure is the problem, it don't much matter what
else you do, until you fix your base of support, you're gonna have pain.

The wonderful thing about this list is the perspective that "stop
hiking" is never considered a valid form of pain relief!  Hey, does
anyone think we could get a AT-L bulk rate on Aleve or advil???


ps anybody ever used arnica gel or tablets??  A homeopathic remedy for 
muscle aches and pains and even bruises.  I'm not sure I believe, although
I've heard enough stories to be intrigued.  I think you can get it at any
health food store.
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