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Re: [at-l]cash on the trail

At 10:04 AM 12/20/96 EST, you wrote:

>From Jim:
> I looked at the latest CIRRUS listing last night and it shows ATM's at 
>Hiawassee and
>Blairsville in GA, Franklin and Cherokee in NC, Roan Mt, Gatlinburg
>and Pigeon Forge in TN, and Atkins, Troutville, Pearisburg, Buena
>Vista and Waynesboro in SW VA.  Note that there were none in Hot
>Springs, NC or Damascus, VA (although there is one in Abingdon, VA).
>Walk softly,

Amazing isn't it, that Damascus doesn't have an ATM? With all those hikers,
just think of that extra $1 charge the bank could be collecting for using
their machine. I'm surprised they haven't thought of this extra avenue of
revenue.  Someone is snoozin'.
(although I think the $1 charge is a rip-off)

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