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[at-l] Sick on the Trail

I became sick on the trail and I was all alone.  In fact, I was in sort of a
"void" as far as thru hikers went.  I hiked to the Peru Peak Shelter.  When I
got there I knew I was running a fever and sick.  I felt lousy, but knew I
didn't want to be sick in a shelter, so I started hiking down to the pond (I
was pretty certain there was a caretaker there).  On the way I met a day
hiker and he helped me down.  The caretaker bandaged the spot where the Lyme
rash (didn't know that until later) was so I could walk, and the caretaker
and the day hiker helped me out on the different trail.  The dayhiker then
drove me to Manchester Center.   I was all alone,  but there are always
people around that time of year.    Gail  
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