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[at-l] Knees and Orthotics

Mark Holmes had written concerning his theory that some
people's knee problems might be originating from the
usage of orthotics.  I know that my case is just another
piece of anecdotal evidence, but here it is anyway.

In September of this year I underwent foot surgery
to remove a joint in one of my toes.  Way back in my college
years, I had fractured some bones in both of my feet during a
stupid spring break high jump type episode (that's all I'm going
to say :-) ) and I never allowed my feet to heal.  Here I am
some ten years later with deformed bones in both my feet.
It seems that the muscle imbalance I had developed to compensate
for my injury caused this bone deformation and the cure was
to be surgery followed by the usage of orthotics to correct
the muscle imbalance.

To make a long story short, I recovered from the surgery and started
using my orthotics on a gradual schedule.  Within two weeks of
beginning usage of the orthotics, I was experiencing severe knee pain in
both legs and had trouble climbing and descending stairs let alone
hiking with a backpack.  I tried weight lifting excercises, stretching,
and even cut back on the orthotics usage, but nothing seemed to help.

I finally decided to discontinue usage of my orthotics and the
pain has disappeared.  I may not be a rocket scientist but
to me it was a simple equation that I'm planning to adhere to
for my thru-hike next year: NO ORTHOTICS = NO KNEE PAIN

'Solophile'  GA-->ME  '97
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