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[at-l] Re: other pain relievers and knees


> Aleve?  I've taken naprosin in the past as well and you are correct - it is
> a bit rougher on the stomach than ibuprofen, so heed Peter's advice on
> eating something with it.  I also think you have to build up a certain
> amount in your blood stream before it starts taking effect, so you might
> want to start taking it before you get into the pain world.  (I'm no doctor
> - so take all this with a grain of salt - no, not literally).
> Personally, I took 3 ibuprofen each night to sleep for the first few months
> until the trail leveled out a bit and my knees got a break. I only took it
> occasionally during the day.  

You should really be careful with taking anaprox / naproxin/ naprosin
over a period of time.
Last year I had I.T. band syndrome and was put on the stuff by my Dr.
(550 milligrams twice a day). It worked really great for the inflamation
and helped with the pain some.
The problem was what it did to the rest of my body. It caused my blood
pressure to go sky high and increased my heart rate by more than 50%.
Over all, the stuff didn't leave me feeling real well, and I was only
on it for about 15 days. In 36 hours after I stopped taking it my bp &
heart rate returned to what is normal for me.

> How many of you with knee pain have orthotics?
I tried them and they made matters worse by altering my natural gait.

> and do whatever else I can to strengthen my quads. 

I found that my quads were my problem.
Running developed the outside portion of my quads more than my inner 
thigh or my hams. This imbalance caused my knee problem by continually
applying torque to the outside of my knee. Balance and flexability are
key issues in remaining sound.
> And finally, not being a young buckeroo in the 20-30 bracket anymore could
> have a whole lot to do with my problems.

Getting old sure beats the alternative.
I believe that the need for proper stretching increases with age.

ga>me 97
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