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Re: [at-l] Vitamin "I" and other pain relievers

Mark Holmes wrote:

>What is the cost difference Peter between Aleve and Ibuprofen? <snip>

 I don't know, Mark, but I'll pay anything to get rid of pain.<snip>

>I also think you have to build up a certain amount in your blood stream 
before it starts taking effect, so you might want to start taking it before 
you get into the pain world. 

Yes, the Doctor told me to start taking it a week before my backpacking 
trips to get it into my blood stream. 

>On the descents, I found they helped my balance, but the pain in
>my knees made me wonder if they were really helping that much.  Of course, I
>didn't try hiking without them, either. 

I still have pain on descents, but much less with the Leki's. I use the 
straps around my wrists and really put much of my weight on the poles. When 
descending, I use the poles like you would crutches. When on the flat or 
climbing, I use a cross country ski type motion.

How many of you with knee pain have orthotics? 

Mark, I have those too! I use about a 1/4 inch on the outside of each heel. 
THis opens up the space in my knees where the medial meniscus used to be. I 
think they help a little. I also have an $800 brace manufactured by Monarch 
for my right leg. Used it once on a backpacking trip last year. I haven't 
used it since, as my right knee doesn't bother me anymore. It's my left 
knee, now, and I'm not going to spend money for another brace. 


>Someone on here mentioned that they had knee problems and worked out
>seriously on a Nordic Trac and did exercises and I think they benefited from

I was the one who mentioned that. I do squats and leg extensions at the gym 
and that has helped me tremendously. I also work in stationary cycling and 
the stairclimber, but you have to watch it with the stairclimber. This 
motion can really hurt bad knees. I quit before it starts hurting.I also do 
Nordic Track at home, but again, this motion, if overdone, can hurt the knee.

>Recently, I took a 3 day backpacking trip and couldn't walk for 3 days
>afterward.  I'm thinking about wearing a knee brace and would like to know 
what people think of those (besides being a pain to wear, hot, etc.)

I know exactly how you feel, Mark. It's depressing. The brace I have is 
bulky and a hassle, especially under winter clothing. It would be okay with 
shorts, but again it's heavy. I'm glad I don't need it for my right leg anymore.

My problem is the arthritis that has set in after the removal of the 
meniscus. It will never go away and I'll have to live with it. If you 
haven't checked with you doctor, you should. You could have a different problem.

Peter H. Fornof

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