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[at-l] Harper's Ferry, Jan 25th

Phil -

I was gonna ask you about this - Ginny & I thought we might
show up to see if we could confuse anyone.   I'll bet a couple
other thruhikers might be persuaded to show up too.   Talking
trail is our second most favorite thing to do - walking trail
is #1.

>Something hit me about this weekend get together thing.
>        It isn't just for 1997s!  Anyone at all is allowed and encouraged
>to make thier way to this.  So please tell friends, bring along your dog,
>and you better bring a good ear and voice.
>        Better yet, just arrive with nothing better to do than discuss the
>trail.  That is all I ever intended on this.  I am still worried about
>gear, meeting different people, and generally how the heck am I going to
>make 2,000 miles in 6 months.  But I suppose why this list is here in

The gear will work itself out - and ANYONE can do the Trail - If they
really WANT to do it.  It's 90% a head game.

>I want to thank anyone that has put something on this list.  It has helped
>me realize how much is out there, and how much more is to come.

Yeah - they're a good group , aren't they.

Walk softly,

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