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[at-l] Re: Cash on the AT

I think I started off with $200 in travelers checks, carrying all of them from
Springer ($20, because some small places won't take larger).  I think I used
most of them up in the south, before Virginia, then discovered that there were a
lot more places to use credit or ATM cards.  We charged everything possible,
with our parents taking care of the bills until afterward.  I carried one credit
card, plus my banks check card (which had no fee at any ATM).  Plastic is really
the easiest way to go: you get complete records of your expenses, no "heavy"
change to carry around, etc.,  In addition to ATMs in many towns (Pearisburg,
Troutville,Harpers Ferry,Cheshire, Hanover to name a few), an increasing number
of supermarkets allow you to swipe cards.  More and more Post offices will
accept credit as well.  In some of the long stretches in NH and Maine, where I
though we might incur some fees at campsites and huts, I routinely carried about
$100 in cash.  No big deal, just hide it away in your pack and forget about it.
Check/debit cards are more widely accepted than perhaps your ATM card from a
small bank.  If you can work out a no fee card, use it!  We generally treated
traveler's checks as backups for places like Mountain Moma's.

Sir Goober Peas/The Cornell Crew
GA > ME, 1996

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