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[at-l] RE: Kind Marty!!!

MManzano@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 96-12-19 08:22:43 EST, you write:
> << Signed...still sick in bed  Kahley >>
> Hey, Kahley!  I'm sorry to hear you're sick.  What is it - the flue or
> something like that?  I hope you get well soon.
> Marty

Yep...since Sunday.............a double dog deadly dose of the 
flu....the kind of sick that makes 'verticality' (?) about as realistic 
as a thirty mile day.  But with the holidays looming and_everyone_
coming_here_, I have resorted to my Gram"s remady..when all else 
have a nip.  So I am contentedly sipping my way through the only thing
I had in the house..an excellent bottle of Soehne Reisling!  Funny....
I feel better already.....but....
It got me to thinking...what happens when you get double dog sick on 
the trail?   I mean, for two days this week, even moving the 40 feet
to the fridge for more OJ was definitely not in the cards.  If it 
weren't for the telephone and the friends on the other end, I don't
know what would have become of me.  They brought me chicken soup with 
lots of garlic and  brewed me ginger tea with molasses (thanks for the 
tip) and generally kept an 'ear' on me.  What happens when you're
a 1/4 mile from the spring (downhill...isn't it always down hill?)
I can see it would be less of a problem on the AT than on the PCT or
( God forbid} the CDT.  I hope no hiker would fail to give aid to a sick 
fellow hiker.  But even if, with help, you get to a town, I can't 
imagine being this sick alone in some motel.  And if you end up in the 
hospital...how do you handle that?
 I apologize for broaching such a depressing subject in this season.
Blame it on the Reissling.			Kahley
PS.  anything that resembles medical advice is to be ignored.  Gram
was not a doctor..but she_was_a pistol.  I think I'll lie down again.
PSS...Sometimes flu shots don't work!!!!!!
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