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[at-l] cash on the trail

Jim Mayer writes:

> With a credit card, YOUR money is never used to pay illegal charges.

And ILFltlndr@aol.com wrote:


All my credit card agreements say that you are only liable for up to $50 of
unauthorized charges if you report your card lost or stolen with in three
business days.  Otherwise, you can be liable for up to $500.  I'm not sure
if this is the law or just something they all do.  Anyone know if the same
rules apply to debit cards?  I use credit cards because they make more
economic sense (assuming you pay it off every month).  They are essentially
interest free loans if the balance is paid in full each month and also a
nice accounting service (I get an itemized list of all my purchases
every month).  Also, I like the little perks they give.  I've got one card
that gives me a 1% rebate on all purchases good toward REI stuff.  I've
got another one that gives me a 5% rebate on all purchases good toward
the purchase of a new Ford.  I've built up a nice wad of cash toward gear
and a new pick-up truck just charging day-to-day expenses like groceries
and gas.  They also have cards that rack up frequent-flyer miles, but I
think most of those have annual fees.

On an aside note, I guess it is now legal for both your bank and the bank
whose ATM you use to charge you a fee on any transactions with ATM cards.
Better save a few extra bucks if you're going to use your ATM card on the

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