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[at-l] To eliminate the confusion

> From: Oscar Mills > 
> I ask a lot, but I've found that some hikers know a lot!  Thanks.
 Hi Group,
       Been awhile since I've sent anything to the list. However to all my
friends out there, there is another Tumbleweed that has come on line. I
have been sent some mail that was suppose to go to the Tumbleweed in
Florida. I am the Tumbleweed in "Texas", ( I do know Oscar the other
T-weed...we share another common hobby.)
so......maybe I should become the "Texas Tumbleweed",  I hardly think I'll
find any T-weeds in Fla. , But....ohhh...there goes one across my
lawn....Windy day...and to all of those who were envious of our weather
lately...That northern we got dumped some snow in Texas that looked really
weird to see. "Seen snow here only few times in last
14 years living here. Right now we are nearing 30 something and teens at
Ending the year on a cold note in Texas...hihi...anyhoot....to the person
who was wanting Oscars address "the other T-weed"   ...it is
Happy Holidays to all and hope to see many of you out there doing the
thru-thing in
97.                                " Tumbleweed"..... the one in Texas ;) 
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