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Re: [at-l] [AT-L] shelters close to the road (was Ted Bundy well groomed)

  The only negative experiences I've had with shelters near road crossing 
were really not that bad:  One evening around dusk I was resting at a 
shelter when some kids on dirt bikes and a three-wheeler roared up a 
nearby trail, circled the shelter a few times and roared off.  I'm 
assuming they had planned to party there but decided against it when they 
saw me.  Another time I was staying at a totally burnt out shelter in New 
York, trash was everywhere.  Around midnight a pickup truck pulled up 
right in front of the shelter and sat there with the headlights shining 
into the shelter, and on me, for a good five minutes.  When I started to 
get up the truck backed up and left.  It was a little unsettling.  On 
the other hand, I have also been the beneficiary of locals who have 
lugged in cases of beer and were more than happy to share.


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