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[at-l] MD-VA Meeting (fwd)

For those intrested in the gathering...
    Here is the message I got from the overseer of the Highacre House in
Harper's Ferry.  If you want the email address for her, please email me so
I can send it along.  I just don't want her getting swamped with questions.


Forwarded message:
> Hi Phil,
> About the meeting of the MD-VA gang on the 25th....sounds great!  Thought I
> might throw in some meat to chew on about the meeting place.  I'm overseer
> for the PATC Highacre House in Harpers Ferry, and if it is available that
> weekend, I thought some folks might like to move the meeting to there.  We
> could stay there (it sleep 14 I believe, so it would be first come first
> served for the night) but it is a fantastic historic house right below
> Jefferson Rock on the AT and has a complete kitchen with everything we could
> need except the food.  We could do a buffet type thing where people bring
> the food and then really relax and not worry about the place closing.  Think
> anyone would be interested in this option?
> What ever the outcome, count me in on the crowd, I'm gonna try to schedule a
> work trip to Highacre House no matter what and then I can check it out and
> meet the folks too.
> *************************************************************
> Susie

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