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Jeff Mosenkis had posted a question regarding the usage
of the VISA-CHECK cards.  I have had one for the last year or
so and I think they are great.  In addition, my bank offers
banking services by phone, so I can transfer money from
my savings to my checking account as needed by just calling
a 1-800 number from the trail.  I can then use my VISA-CHECK
card as a credit card or as a debit card.

One word of caution, I have gone through several ATM cards
in the last few years that I had to have replaced due to damage.
These cards were carried in my wallet.  The last time I
had to go into the bank to replace my card, I mentioned the
frequency that my cards were failing and the bank gave me a
little protective folder to carry my card in.  Evidently it
protects the card from abrasions as well as electrostatic
damage.  Since I've carried my card in this little folder,
I've had no further problems and I definitely plan on keeping
my card in it on the trail.

'Solophile'  GA-->ME  '97
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