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[at-l] Re: [AT-L]--Whites Campsite

Hello, my name is Cosmo, I live about a mile from the AT in Williamstown
MA.  Not a thrugh hiker (don't have the temperment), but I frequent the
local section and side trails.  Semi-annual week long trips to the Whites
or 'Daks.  I've been lurking since last spring, and really love this list.

The Smith's brought up a topic I feel qualified to respond to:  In '95, The
Perch was a great campsite.  A shelter and 2-3 tent platforms only, no "on
the ground" camping.  Great view of the sunset.  Easy water.  You do have
to decend about 2000' from the AT to reach it (and of course hike back up
in the AM).  We were there in mid week in mid June and there were 4 people
already there at around 6pm.  In the busy season, I'd plan on getting in

Happy Trails,


Cosmo Catalano, Jr.
Production Manager
Williams College Dept. of Theater

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