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[at-l] Looking for planning help...

    It has finally happened, I have graduated!  Which means until I find a
job for 2 months, I have tons of free time.  What I am asking is if anyone
out there could check over my schduedal of sorts and give suggestions on
places I intend on staying etc.  I am waiting for the 1997 versions of the
guides to come out to help as well.
    I have an Excel version on my web-page, in both Mac and Windows, and
now have enough of the text version to email it to anyone that wants in.

thanks to everyone that has helped so far!

    Harper's Ferry get together for the 1997 class!  We have some ideas
being kicked around so far.  I have been approached by the manager of the
hostel in HF for people to stay overnight.  If you are intrested let me
know cause there is first come first served sorta thing.  This has not
been confirmed but, all I am waiting on is the confirmation.  


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