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Re: [at-l] Anaphylactic Shock

> Over the years, I've hiked all the sections of the AT from Springer north to
> the mid-Smokies and never had a problem  with stinging insects except for
> one time.  I hiked from Tesnatee Gap, NC to Unicoi Gap on May 27 thru 

It was in our local paper this week that a local man had died from a bee
sting.  This was back in the summer, but they just finally released the
autopsy reports.  Seems that it had landed in is can of soda, then he
was subsequently stung in the mouth, under the tongue.  The funny thing
is, that the guy had been stung many times before, with no reaction.  I
guess allergies like this can change.

The worse I've ever been stung was near Elk Park, NC.  The group I was
with came to a stop in the trail for some adjustments, and I was
standing there, and felt something on my leg.  Before I knew it, I'd
been stung by yellow jackets 10-12 times on my calf.  Seems I had found
a 'jacket nest in the middle of the trail.  Luckily for me, stings do
less damage than skeeter bites on most people.

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