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[at-l] Misc

Day: Wed  Date: 12/18/96  Weather : 3 F (WC -35 ) light snow 
AT mile : 0     Miles for day: 4   Total miles : 776

Since traffic on the list seems to be alittle quiet,
I thought I would seek a few opinions on a variety of
things. The above is the header information I am
thinking about putting on my journals, so what do
you think, too much? not enough ? maybe different
info ? (by the way the weather info is correct, yes
I know it's warm but it is supposed to cool off later
this week). 
Do you have any opinions on the following in the Whites,
The Perch, or Valleyway Campsite , good things or bad.
How about Easton aluminum tent stakes ?
Do you know of anyone who does shuttles from Boston to
Baxter ?
Would you or wouldn't you use the post office on Mt.
Washington for a mail drop ?  (about second or third 
week in June )
If you were only going to stay in one hut in the Whites,
which one would it be ?
If you did mail drops what item(s) did you find you
really over did it on ?
Was there any one (or more) town stop(s), that if you 
had to do it over again, you would avoid like the plague ?

Thanks in advance.

Sandy and Alison
"The Smiths"
ME to GA '97  (REXX says leaving in 5 months 0 days )
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