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Re: [at-l]cash on the trail

At 07:26 AM 12/18/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I have a question for the thru-hikers out there: how much cash should I 
>be carrying at any time on a thru-hike?  Do most places along the Trail 
>accept plastic?  Are there ATMs anywhere, or should I expect to have to 
>have maildrops for traveller's checks?
>				Ryan

Don't count on too many ATM's. Better to send traveler's checks in your mail
drops. You can get cash advances on your credit card at a bank, which we did
a couple of times, but reluctantly. We usually sent about $20-40 to
ourselves in travelers checks in each mail drop and were usually short on
cash! But that all depends on what you buy along the trail - it is such an
individual thing, it is difficult to determine. Any outfitter is going to
accept plastic, but little convenience stores along the way might be a
different story. 


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