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Re: [at-l] Water Filters the PURfect choice...

No, the Pur Pioneer has this oversized "teabag"  filter element, very 
replaceable, but expensive after a while.

I believe the Pur Hiker has a 1 year no-clog guarentee, and most have some
sort of way to backflush or clean the element.  An "average" weekend
backpacker (if someone finds out what that means, let me know) I would
guess can go a year or more one one element, I leave it up to those with
experience to comment on how long it lasts a thru-hiker. 

One note: If you go with the Hiker (my favorite, although I don't know
anything about the MSR Miniworks) is still coming with the 1 year
guarentee, get it close enough to your hike that if it des die on the
trail, Pur will get you a new filter element. 


Jeff Mosenkis            MAPSS Student          University of Chicago
              *Freelance Joking Avunculate For Hire*

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