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[at-l] Water Filters the PURfect choice...

	I got a guestion about PUR water filter systems.  I have for example the
PUR pioneer water filtration system.  The guide book recommends that each
filter should be replaced after every use at the end of a trip.  This is
not too bad as the filters are a minimal cost.  I was wondering if this is
the same for filters such as Hiker and Explorer.  Do you have to throw out
the $40 filters after every trip, or can you reuse on the next trip.  And
if so, how long can you let the filter sit without it "going bad" before
reusing it.  Thankz. 

Mike "Get outta my way, I need a hot meal, my gore-tex pants are better
than yours, watch me pass you" MacLean

ATer GA '97

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