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[at-l] SNP

   I'm planning a week long hike in the SNP in the last weekend in
March, and I have a few questions, as I've never been down
there. First, what's the weather going to be like? Will it be way too
cold and snowy and should I consider a trip to somewhere else? But I
guess the more important question is about transportation. We might be
able to get a car, but if we do we'll still be stuck a 6 or 7 days
hike away from our car when we finish. Are there buses that could take
us back to the car? And if we couldn't bring the car, could the bus
take us to the trail head, and then pick us up when we've finished?
Thanks in advance for your help!

					-Martha Montague
					 ME -> GA '98

PS - I just got my complete set of all the maps and guide books
     today too, and I'm really getting excited for my trip....
     Or maybe its just that I don't want to study for finals... :)
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