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[at-l] Re: Atlanta outfitter


Atlanta has two REI's(one on I85 take access road off of Clairmont exit or
on Circle Parkway near Perimeter mall).

We have two High Country Outfitters(one in Perimeter Mall[smaller] one on
Roswell Rd in Marietta)

There is also a Blue Ridge Mtn Sports in Lenox Mall.

There is a Outback in Little Five Points.

There is also another store off the Clairmont Rd exit.  I think the road
it is on is N. Decatur.  Not sure of the name though.  Maybe somebody
could help me out.  I heard it was a good store.

I have had the best luck(service and selection) with the REI on I85.

Good luck!

James Bigler                           Chemical Engineering Undergraduate
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