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[at-l] Safety statistics

Benjamin Disraeli said:
"there are three kinds of lies, lies, damn lies and statistics"

The death rates for the various activities can be very misleading.  When I
first bought my home, 20 odd years ago I received a pamphlet from the party
that at that time was not in control of the town council.  It was meant to 
demonstrate how fiscally irresponsible the party in power was.  One of the
evil deeds cited was that the manpower of the DPW was increased by 50% in the 
last year.  This sounds bad until I found out by making direct inquiries that
the two man DPW added a third man.  This fiscally irresponsible council hired
one new employee.

Back to matters at hand.  Statistics of hiker deaths include people who had 
no business being there.  I have never done any rock climbing but if I were 
stupid enough to try a difficult rock and fell to my death it would be a 
rock climbing death.  All activities, hiking, hunting, driving, sex, etc. have
inherent risk and each of us must evaluate those risks and conduct ourselves 
accordingly.  Since most people die in beds, going to bed at night must be 
VERY dangerous.

My $.02

Happy (& safe) Trails

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