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[at-l] Apology.

I wanted to apologize for spamming you all with the PENPAL GREETINGS virus
alert.  As I've said over and over now, I sent out the message not
necessarily because I believed it, but because I didn't know.  As MANY MANY
MANY MANY MANY people have pointed out to me, it would be impossible for a
virus to infect your system simply if you read an incoming mail message,
which I hadn't noticed the letter saying.  I'd thought it said something
about downloading something or the other, and I apologize for making you all
read the message and for having to read all of the excess mail it generated
in everybody telling me how wrong I was.  I received the orginal message from
a buddy of mine who's rather notorious for 'tweaking with' (that's as
innocent as I can make it sound) the systems at school, and he usually knows
what he's talking about, so I trusted that this was a real thing.  Once
again, I apologize.  I hope you can forgive me.  ---Kristin  =)
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