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Re: [at-l] Knees, again (a new twist!)

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<< Well, here I was worried about my knee pops and doc says no problem. And
 then I get a call a couple days ago...my little sister, who intends to join
 me in a thru-hike, managed to dislocate her knee. She's in Greece, where
 medicine and physical therapy isn't quite up to par with US standards. She
 was told that her knee will keep slipping out of place for life and she'll
 have to learn to "put it back" ... and when I called her last night, the
 first thing she said was "well, I'm glad this happened here and not in the
 100 Mile Wilderness!" But she's worried it'll pop out while she's hiking.
 Just wondering if any of you have dealt with "after the accident"
 dislocations on the trail. I'd like to allay her fears. And I will recommend
 Lekis. <G> Oh, and recommendations of what to do for her self-guided
 physical therapy are quite welcome. Pity she's not on the 'net. >>

Oh my wordie, does this sound familiar!!!  Unfortunately, it happened to me
while I was singing in choir (not on stage, just rehersal) and I was standing
on the floor singing "Kumbaya."  With all of the stuff that I do, I have to
get injured in my 'most dangerous sport.'  ;)  When I did this, I managed to
fully tear my MCL, partially tear my ACL, and tear up some cartilage, too.
 What can I say, I'm a mess?  The good news is that a dislocated knee
(subluxed patella) is not the end of the world and, I'm told, is quite common
in women, because of our hips.  I did two years of physical therapy which
basically was lifting weights and biking.  See, what happens is that the
outer muscles in your legs are usually stronger than your inner muscles (or
do I have that backwards??), and it causes your knee to be pulled, and thus
the pt for it is to strengthen those inner muscles.  In terms of 'after the
accident' problems, my knee's gone out on me a couple of other times, each
time with a little bit of pain that Napricin takes away.  If my knee's
bothering me (I'm at the point where I can tell when it's going to happen), I
have a knee brace that I can put on, and it helps.  She should have no
problems, so long as she's got some support in the form of a knee brace (and
friends/family) and maybe some Advil or other painkiller with her incase it
acts up.  As usual, I hope it helps, and e-mail me if you want to know more.
 ---Kristin  =)
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