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Re: [at-l] hunting

In a message dated 12/14/96 18-25-09, Cindi wrote:
>yes, I'd go hunting.  I wouldn't like it, as I feel a strong
>kinship (well if anything'll make me sound like a dweeb that word would be
>it ;-)) with the outdoors and all the critters living there and so would
>feel I was destroying that, but I'd do it.  

I suspect most of us feel a certain amount of kinship the outdoors and its
critters or we wouldn't be there, and I love seeing a wild animal in its own
habitat. But I can't help wondering if we can disapprove of hunting and still
eat meat/seafood or hike in leather boots?

I work for a state dept. of agriculture, and we like people to know that
farmers are responsible for what they eat. But I have had people tell me they
work hard to ignore the reality of the cow that died to provide their
hamburger and leather goods.

When I was sorting out my own feelings about hunting, I found myself much
more protective of deer or raccoons than I was of birds or fish. And I kill
mosquitoes in a heartbeat. Obviously I feel closer kinship with some than

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