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[at-l] re: hunting

Cindi wrote:

> the intent of my original post was to point out that perhaps trails where
> people are always walking around, and that's pretty much what those
> footpaths are for, may not be the best place to be firing guns.

Where would you have people fire guns?  There is almost no trailless wilderness
left in U.S. outside of Alaska.  And the game populations need to be controlled
whether there is a trail or not.

The statistics I have seen just don't show that hunting is much of a danger to
non-hunters (or hunters for that matter).  If you have statistics stating otherwise,
I would like to see them, but I think you just perceive hunting as dangerous.
Like Jeff and Jim say, do some research and look critically at the evidence.

Also, as far as the moral aspects go, the little critters you feel a kinship with
will suffer a lot more if their populations are not controlled by hunters (or
somebody).  I'm all for predator reintroduction, but until that day, anyone who
is generally concerned about wild animals should be happy that there are hunters
out there keeping the populations at healthy levels.

(Sorry if ths comes across with a strong tone.  I don't mean for it to.)

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