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[at-l] hunting

This'll be off topic, but it will also be short and is only being posted
because I don't like the idea of people thinking I'd rather see people
starve than hunt to feed themselves and their families.  I think some people
may have come out of my somewhat muddled post thinking just that, and it
certainly isn't what I meant.  

If the choice was between having my family starve and going out hunting to
feed them, then yes, I'd go hunting.  I wouldn't like it, as I feel a strong
kinship (well if anything'll make me sound like a dweeb that word would be
it ;-)) with the outdoors and all the critters living there and so would
feel I was destroying that, but I'd do it.  There is nothing wrong
whatsoever with hunting to feed your family.  If you have to, you have to.

  Hunting because it's a "sport" or to be outdoors is a different thing
entirely.  You don't need a gun to enjoy the outdoors, and if you want to be
sporting how about going hunting with nothing but your bare hands and a
knife?  Now *that's* sporting.

Anyway, to have at least a little bit to do with the original thread here,
the intent of my original post was to point out that perhaps trails where
people are always walking around, and that's pretty much what those
footpaths are for, may not be the best place to be firing guns.  Be they
tools or not..(sorry Jim, couldn't help myself..<g>).

Take care all,

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