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[at-l] Re: Last True Wilderness


  Off hand do you know who penciled on the bridge at Mud Pond Outlet
" Welcome to the last Page of the data Book".???  There should be a sign
placed at that point (maybe make it somewhat portable to cover trail
relos)...  That note really made my day 9-26-94...

  I met *Sourball* in 94, a maintainer from ME; never found out his true name 
or if he completed the trail.. He spent lots of time enjoying the fishing along
the trail...

  And yes the trail was in excellent shape in 94, thanks to the MATC,,,
10:40 PM 12/13/96 -0800, you wrote:
>I read an article here about someone wanting to know of a section of
>the AT that was a true wilderness?
>   Well i want that person to know that the 100 mile wilderness here in
>Maine is the best of the trail. 
>   I know for I am the maintainer of the last six miles of the 100 mile
>wilderness section.
>   If I can be of help to anyone that hikes here contact me.
>              harrisjo@agate.net

  happy trails,,,

         Dick & Lyn  Wix     (Tropical; Rochester, MN)
                 aka  "WIXeR"  AT-94  GA->ME
       We'll get there,,,, when we get there.!!" - obscure

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