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Re: [at-l] Favorite Books

For those of us planning hikes, could we (list writers) be specific about
what places we liked and didn't and why... 

>>  The particualr example I am thinking of is a motel/hotel that was
>trying to get in the handbook some more information about themselves (like
>you can use them as a maildrop because there is no post-office for miles)
>and after years of trying gave up....instead there's a camp-ground in the
>other direction that was absolutely disgusting that we used as a maildrop
>and then almost got sucked into staying there when the motel/hotel was 1000
>times nices, friendlier, hiker-friendly.

>(especially a particular campground in GA or NC, not certain which) that
>gave absolutely every thru-hiker I met the worst time (and believe me, it
>got to a point where I asked everyone whether they stayed there and their
>reaction to the place - I was fortunate enough to skip the place), and it
>got rave reviews from Wingfoot....it made ALOT of people wonder.

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