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[at-l] RE: AT books

>I've heard about Ed Garvey's book but not seen it. Does anyone know the =
>of it?
>Thanks & Happy Holidays, Sandy :)
>---Sandra Downs 	<downs@nb.net>
>---Pittsburgh, PA       Visit Cyberwall! http://www.nb.net/~downs/

The one most are familar with is called Appalachian Hiker II.  Ed also
has written a new book, called The New Appalachian Trail, that should
be out around February of '97.  It's pretty hard to find a copy of
Appalachian Hiker II now, which detailed his thru hike in the '60's I
believe. One of the local stores in the DC area  had some tattered
copies being sold in the spring of this year.

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