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Re: [at-l] Hunting on the Trail, easier question?

Jeff wrote:

>         Do the benifits of hunting (food, environment conservation,
> protection of legal rights, etc) outweigh the losses (occasional death,
> disruption of other's enjoyment of the wilderness, etc)?

The flaw is that almost everyone would have a different opinion of the relative
importance of the different benefits and losses.  I personally put no importance
on the benefit of food from hunting, but a poor person living in the backwoods
might be completely dependent on hunting as a source of food.  A person who had
a loved one killed in a hunting "accident" would consider the occasional death
to be an extreme loss, but other people might dismiss the issue by pointing out
that a lot more people die in car accidents.  See the problem here.  There is no
objective measure for the benefits and losses.

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