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[at-l] How far should we go to protect the environment?

Lynn wrote:

> It raises an interesting question, though, which is how far do we/should
> we/can we go to protect the environment.

> The first time I saw the effects of clear cutting in the Pacific Northwest,
> I had one of those clutch in-the-gut reactions of "NO!"   But the thought
> that some environmentalists would drive iron spikes into trees so that
> chainsaw chains would snap apart when it hit a spike also repulses me.  I
> mean, the logger has to eat, too.  And it's hard to work when your face is
> chewed up by a breaking chainsaw chain.

> I'd be interested to hear any opinions any of you would care to share on
> this question.

I would say the main cause of environmental destruction is the industrialized
world's high standard of living (America in particular).  Remember, the
timber company cuts trees to suppy demand for wood.  The same clear cut that
makes you mad might have supplied the wood for your house or the paper you
write on.

It's really up to individuals to cut back on their lifestyle.  I think Americans
want to have it all, but there are consequences to this type of behaivor and
one of them is environmental destruction.  I'm sad, because despite
years of education about the environment, Americans don't seem to be becoming
more concerned about it.  Even some people with a great love for the back
country don't seem to practice that love outside the back country.

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