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No Subject

I'm sorry, but I must interject...somebody mentioned "Oh the Places You'll
Go" by Dr. Seuss as a suggestion...what about "The Lorax"?  It's all about
saving the Earth, and it's still great reading...  speaking of great reading,
I'm going to force you all to read a poem I wrote in English, which is about
pushing limits...sadly, I couldn't work hiking into the poem (my teacher
didn't think it fit...little does she know...), but ....  Oh heck, here goes:

A fire inside you
branding "Yes I can"
on your nervous jelly interior.
Bunny hopping an 8 inch log.
Listening to a screaming downhill.
Learning to fly,
spreading your wings and your skills.
Summitting a 5.12b climb.
Becoming a leader.
Never letting fear stop you.
Spend it or save it.

So, that's the poem.  The idea of testing yourself has always been something
I've tried to live by...this was about some of the stuff I do.  Happy
holidays!  Oh yeah, and a special thank you to bchiker001@aol.com who sent
the Looney Toons card!!!  =)  ---Kristin  =)
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