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Re: [at-l] Hunting on the Trail

Jim  -
I'm not gonna try to answer you in detail or change your mind about
anything - especially in this forum.  But - allow me to tell you a short
story about my own life.  Back in the early 80's I was a contributor
to a particular cause (the predecessor to Handgun Control, Inc).

I worked with a man that I respected (and still do) who believed that
gun control was good.  I also listened to the arguments by this
particular organisation - and to the media.  In other words, I was too
lazy to think for myself so I let someone else do my thinking for me.
That was OK until I voiced some of those ideas to my cousins husband,
who was a cop.  He told me in no uncertain terms exactly which part
of my anatomy he thought I was using for brains and offered to put his
money where his mouth was - $100 if I could prove what I'd told him.

I spent over 4000 hours in the next 3 years researching all aspects
of gun control from both sides of the fence.  I did NOT go to the NRA
for my information.  Nor did I use the information supplied by the gun
control advocates.  I used independent information sources (yes, there
 really are some, but you've got to look for them).  And I spent a lot
of time analyzing data and coming up with results that were significantly
different from those I'd been previously fed.  In plain English -
I'd been had.

On the same day I joined the NRA,  I sent him a check for $100.
If I believed that gun control were a good thing, you can believe that
I wouldn't have joined the NRA.

Enuff - right soapbox, wrong place.

Of more importance to this list is your last paragraph -

>Anyway, I'm happy to share the trail with hunters.  I see the attraction of
>hunting, have no moral problems with it, and have seen the damage that out
>of control deer populations cause.  I think that hunters are extremely
>valuable allies in the fight to preserve open spaces.  And I reserve the
>right to be nervous around people that carry tools designed to kill without
>warning and at a distance.

With which I totally agree.

If we're gonna save the wild places - or even the AT (which doesn't
generally class as a "wild place") we need the hunters - and they need us.
And being nervous is not only your right - it's sometimes a good idea.

Walk softly,

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