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Re: [at-l] Favorite Books

>Phil Romans wrote:
>>         And who can't go without Wingfoot's guide?  (hehe)  BTW, when is
>> the new edition coming out?
>> -=phil
>The new edition is due out in January.
>Personally, I'll do without it.
>I just got off the phone with the AT store, and they strongly
>recommended the Thru-hikers companion over Wingfoot's book.

I second this...after having thru-hiked last year with Wingfoot's book, I'd
probably take the Thru-hiker's companion as what I saw of it I liked more.
Either way, you take your chances with some places being better than in the
guide books and some being alot worse. I heard a couple of horror stories
of people (hostel/motel owners) of dealing with Wingfoot (sorry Wingfoot,
but I'm just stating what I exerienced)...

Nomad '96

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