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[at-l] Christmas books

Kahley, now you got me interested.  

There are a lot of good hiking/outdoor books out there.  Among my favorites:

"Worldwalk" by Steve Newman - a wonderful account of his four year walk
around the world.  A favorite.

Larry Luxembourg's book on Hiking the Appalachian Trail(and not just because
I'm mentioned in there!)

Any of Colin Fletcher's books - especially the one on hiking the Grand

Any of Cindy Ross's books - especially her thru-hikes of the AT and PCT for
one woman's perspective.  She has also written one on children and the

Karen Berger's book on her thru-hike of the CDT.

John Muir's books.  People knew how to write back then - poetry in prose.

Something different:  "Arctic Daughter" about a couple who decided to live
off the land in Alaska, and barely survived.  Stupidity can be fatal, even
with experience in the backwoods.

We are currently trying to get hold of anything we can find on the CDT.  It
has proved very hard to find Chris Townsend's book, but someday one will
show up.  Steve Pern's account was good (though Karen's was better).  

The Rodale books on the AT are, of course, classics on thru-hiking the AT if
you can find them.  They are expensive though because they are out of print.

Have fun looking.

Ginny Owen
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