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Re: [at-l] Hunting on the Trail

while over in vermont and down in the catskills my two hiking parnters and i
ran across many hunters.  i am not a huge fan of hunting or hunters
(something about killing bambi effects my ability to reason).  yet all the
hunters we ran across went out of their way to be helpful and courteous--we
could tell that they were having a hard time comprehending 'just walking'
through the woods without a 'higher' purpose.  on three separate occasions
the hunters stayed around to talk about trail conditions and once two of them
gave us a ride up a snowed in road to the trailhead--saved us two miles of
straight up in 6 inches of snow!  what sweethearts!  their cabin was close to
this access road and on our way down offered us hot cocoa--tempting after a
grueling 17 mile day in powder.
we all have our stereotypes and perhaps not all of them are unfounded.  but
these men acted as ambassadors, whether they new it or not.  i'm still not
leaping for joy over hunting but i've discarded some of my preconceptions.

oh, btw, while talking trail conditions at killington, 2 of the hunters
warned us of a river that we might not be able to cross about half a mile
in--that the water was high and it might be impassable.  while envisioning a
raging flume we came up to this little trickle that could have been mistaken
for a brook.  we giggled pretty heartily after that one. 
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