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[at-l] Re: Hunting on the trail

Sorry Jim but I don't have the facts.  I do have some more opinions
though.  Here goes.

I believe everyone has an inherent sense of right and wrong.  I believe
that a person should base his/her actions on these beliefs and not the
laws made by man.  To me the question of legality of hunting on the trail
is immaterial.  I have both hunted and backpacked.  I would neither
backpack through someone's hunting lands or hunt on someone's hiking
trail.  But these are my own personal beliefs that are not shared by
everyone.  And there are a lot of complications that make these simple
rules hard to follow.  For example who is to say whether the land is for
hunting or backpacking?  Well there again it comes down to a moral
decision.  If you are a hunter you have to think about where you are
hunting.  Is this land used by hikers?  And if you are hiker you have to
ask yourself the same question.  Even though you may not believe in
the activity that the other person is doing, I think you should still show
respect for the person as a human being(the whole do onto others as you
wish to have done onto you thing).

I believe there is enough land for hunters and hikers to share.  A little
communication between the groups could solve a lot of problems discussed
earlier.  For example most hikers do not stray too far off the trail.  If
hunters were to hunt lets say a couple hundred yards off the trail and
keep their line of fire away from the trail, hikers would probably not
even know they were there.  This also works in reverse.  If hikers stayed
on the trail in known hunting areas and did not go out their way to make
excessive noise, the hunters would probably never even know they were

As good as all this my sound in print, we all know that not everyone will
follow this.  Everyone has their own beliefs of right and wrong.  And some
people don't care for members of the group.  Some of this is from
ignorance and some of it is from indifference.  Again communication and
education could eleviate some of this problem.  If you take a minute to
try and understand where the other guy is coming from, half of your
problem has already been solved(this applies to more than just this

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