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Re: [at-l] Hunting on the Trail

I've taken the Owen challenge, sort of :-)

Some of the gentle list members are misinformed on the matter of the
National Trails Act and hunting on the AT.

In short, operation of motor vehicles on National Scenic Trails is the
activity specifically prohibited by the Act.  Even this prohibition is
absolute; the Act provides exceptions.  Take road crossings, for

BTW, this prohibition does not extend to National Historic Trails or
National Recreation Trails.  The AT is listed in the Act as a National
Scenic Trail.

The Act itself is fairly long (about 90k worth of ASCII text), and it is
clear that trails administered under the Act are to be managed under the
multiple-use philosophy.  From the Act:

     "Development and management of each segment of the National Trails
     System shall be designed to harmonize with and complement any
     established multiple-use plans for the specific area in order to
     continued maximum benefits from the land."

It might be worth noting that activities such as strip mining and
logging are acceptable practices under the multiple use umbrella.

The Act is suitably vague on the subject of trail regulations on
non-federal land.  My read is that every patch of trail not on land
owned by the federal government could, and probably should, have
its own unique set of regulations.

Obligatory comment:  I don't hunt, but I've backpacked during hunting
season.  I've even hitched rides with hunters...how many backpackers
would pick up a hitchhiking hunter?

Okay, who started this mess, anyway? :-)

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