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[at-l] Responsibility is your job . . .

Jay wrote:

> PS  Has anyone heard of the problems that Estes Park, CO is having with the
> starving Elk from Rocky Mountain National Park invading (and, at times,
> taking over) the town.

I heard a little blurb about it in the paper.  Elk over-population at
RMNP is nothing new.  No predators and no hunters.  Doesn't take a rocket
scientist to figure out what's going to happen to the elk population under
these conditions.  I pray that some day the grizzly and the wolf can be
returned to their proper place in the Colorado wilderness, but until
that day, they're going to have to start reducing the elk herds in RMNP
by hand (or should I say gun).

BTW, those of you who are against hunting may want to support predator
reintroduction.  That would reduce the number of hunters running around
in the woods.  Of course, then you would have to worry about being attacked
by a wild animal.  Always tradeoffs it seems.

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