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Re: [at-l] Hunting on the Trail

In a message dated 12/11/96 22-40-11, peck@glen-net.ca (B&KP) wrote:

>if some hunter-type
>tried intimidating me just because I was out there hiking there is no doubt
>that I would not take kindly to it (instead of wishing them luck as other,
>no doubt *sane*, people would do :)).  But then again, attempting to
>intimidate someone who is hiking and does not want to have their head blown
>off is not exactly in following with the "hike your own hike" theory either.
>But of course not all hunters are like that. 

I don't know why anyone would expect to have hunters try to intimidate them
because they're hiking. I think that would be most unusual. I have hunted and
I know a lot of hunters and can't imagine any of them behaving like that--but
then again, I can't imagine hikers destroying buildings either. Surely one is
as unlikely as the other, and neither group should be characterized by its
worst elements.

I find it disquieting that hunters are viewed by some on the list as almost
mythical ogres--fierce, trigger-happy, anti-social, intimidating,
"deliverance" types. I suppose there are some like that, but the hunters I
know are completely socialized-- friendly, helpful, well-mannered, nice

Some of them even hike when it's not hunting season. ; -)
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