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Re: [AT-L] Finishers of the PCT

At 10:03 PM 10/21/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Sarah and Dennis Dooley, AT Trail names of Yippie and Yahoo, finished the 
>PCT on Oct. 10th. Sarah completed the AT in '89, and Dennis and Sarah did 
>over 1,200 miles of the AT in '94. Anyway, a big "Way to go" to Sarah and 
>Peter H. Fornof
  On Oct. 8th; Pogo and Doughboy (AT-94, GA->ME), also completed the PCT...
Pogo is also known as; Pam Beewar, Doughboy aka Steve Cochran (I
think)(Jester help me on this one).!!!!!!! 
  Pogo noted that as of Oct 8th, 65 people had signed in as the class of 96...

 "WIXeR"  aka   Dick Wix
      AT-94  GA->ME
       Rochester, MN.