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quiet list

Does anyone know the status of the list?  It just seems sooooooo quiet the
past few days; I was wondering if everyone was back up and running.  I know
this has been put out there before, but is there something we could do to
help Ryan get things going full speed again?  I'd be willing to help send
individual messages, or whatever.

Ok, I admit it, I'm going through withdrawl.  Does that make me a techno-weenie?

Jennifer Delia Sawyer		|	"Be the best you can be
Hall Director			|	in the place that you are;
Department of Residential Life		|	and be kind.  
University of New Hampshire		|	Kind to yourself,
Durham, NH  03824		|	Kind to others and 
(603) 862-3812			|	Kind to the land."
jdsawyer@hopper.unh.edu		|		-- Helen Neering