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RE: AT-L Group Photo (from the Gathering) Now on the Web

Nice job, Frank! Perhaps one of these days I'll get a scanner...

Meanwhile, four people have asked for the photo. I have the same photo as
Frank, except: I'm missing, and Frank and the fellow to his right (Hi-Tech)
swapped places. Everyone else is the same. I'm lower right, and don't have a
trail name yet and it ain't gonna be "the female one," I'll tell you that
right now, Sandy <G>. I'd prefer something genderless for safety's sake.

If anyone else wants a copy let me know. And *I* still don't know who
everyone is in the picture! Needles, I looked for you at the Gathering but
didn't find you. The Owens missed the picture (I have a picture or two of
you, if you want 'em, Bald Eagle!) as did Jim & Laurie Foote. 

Fun time was had by all...looking forward to the next one!
Sandy (this one, not that one)
Sandra Downs 			<downs@nb.net>
Pittsburgh, PA        	     	Visit Cyberwall! http://www.nb.net/~downs/