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re: pack size

Cindi wrote:

>what would you recommend for an internal frame pack size?
>Looking for something to replace my Osprey Isis (only 4300cu.in.).
cindi -                                         *only!*

i'd say, stick with the isis.  don't be fooled into thinking that longer
distance means you need more space.  i'll tell you what i went thru:

i hiked with a mountainsmith professional, c. 6300 cu. in.  when i started
at springer it was 68lbs and stuffed to the gills (nothing outside).  by the
time i left damascus i had pared it down to what i thought was the bare
necessities, and finished the rest of hike with a base weight, without food
and water, of about 30lbs, and despite all the room inside, i still hung
stuff on the outside for convenience.  (btw - the pack itself weighs over
5lbs - aaargh!).  i thought i knew it all when i finished the trail.  a year
later, my base weight was 22lbs, with the same pack.  i have no idea what
extra items i carried on the thru-hike, but i am convinced that a large pack
means you don't have to make the tought choices regarding weight.

anyway, i knew my pack was too large for 3-season backpacking, so i looked
into the ultimate thruhiking size.  i bought an osprey finesse, with side
pockets, total about 3500cuin.  it was almost perfect, but i only had room
for about two days of food.  i returned it, it really was too small.  now i
have a mtnsmith telemark, about 4200cuin.  almost absolutely perfect - 3900
to 4000 would be perfect.  the pack itself only weighs a little over 3lbs -
2lbs savings just in the pack!

assuming you are happy with the isis, i'd say you have the perfect
thruhiking pack.  you know what they say - something about not fixing what's
not broke.  and, you don't have to make up your mind!  and, if you're like
me and want to spend the money on gear anyway, buy the titanium stove like
sandy's! :)

ke kaahawe


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