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Gathering Listers Addresses

At 06:26 PM 10/17/96 -0500, you wrote:
>I came back from the Gathering and went backbacking, needed it, for a
>couple of days and on my return the AT-L was gone.  Thanks to those who
>spread the the news.  I'm looking for Email address of the "listers" 
>who were there.  I have some addresses because we have talked before but my 
>new friends I need yours..... 
>Beau Bushor N1MJD
>"the bleeder guy"
>Burlington, Vermont


    I'm also watching for the "Listers" addresses, that was alluded to at
the Gathering....

    To those who missed the Gathering, you missed a lot... Earl Shaffer's
slides from his thruhikes along with his personal descriptions really
brought out a lot of history of the AT... The slides and musical
presentation by Mike Henderson brought back teriffic memories and emotions,
anyone who has hiked the AT even for a day should be able to relate to his

    Looking forward to the great outdoors...

 "WIXeR"  aka   Dick Wix
      AT-94  GA->ME
       Rochester, MN.