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Re: [AT-L] Re: [AT-L] Uwharrie trip

> Ryan, the trip should be easy but when I was there a couple weeks ago there
> were many blow-downs from FRAN. They may or may not have cleared the trail.
> A hiker from Sanford recently got lost there because of the damage. I would
> advise you to take a map and compass just in case. I had no trouble finding
> the trail but I only did the bottom loop from the parking lot at 24/27. You
> can do an 8 mile loop, a 16 mile loop, or hike the Uwharrie trail in either
> direction. It is a beautiful area not to be in the mountains and resembles
> the AT in many areas. I take my scouts there to prepare them for hikes on
> the AT. I am about an hour drive from there and will be glad to help you any
> way I can.
> ralph >
Thanks for the info.  Fram did indeed do a number on the Carolinas.  The 
worst part was on the Uwharrie Trail on the north loop.  Most of the rest 
was in pretty good shape.  A lot of blowdowns, but none too hard to get 
around in those places, while on the north loop the trail was obliterated 
in two areas.  Plenty of people out there for the weekend, and several 
hunters.  I hope nobody got hurt.